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Liza & Gleb

Joyfully invite you to their
weekend wedding celebration and getaway at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat!
Fri 12 Jan - Sun 14 Jan
Our Story

Some time between the launch of the first generation iPhone and Barack Obama's first term in office, long before Tinder would become a cornerstone of dating life; Gleb and Liza's paths, which for many years passed by within inches of crossing, finally collided and promptly got entangled.


Brought together by a common group of friends at uni, geographical convenience and perhaps a pinch of shared values, Gleb entered Liza's world and she quickly into his thoughts. Despite having personalities opposite to each other in almost every way conceivable, Gleb and Liza connected on a deeper wavelength. Spending more and more time together hanging out at UNSW bars, Maroubra Beach, Manhattan Superbowl and, of course The Cross, the magical nervous tension of infatuation dominated every interaction. Once Gleb finally cut off his filthy hippy hair the feeling became mutual and in Autumn 2008 Gleb and Liza became more than friends.


And so it began. From that moment utterly inseparable while remaining fiercely independent, Gleb and Liza built a life together. Liza's hyper-social, aggressively motivated, loud and capricious personality and Gleb's calm, easy going and rational nature somehow fit together perfectly in a sort of chaotic harmony to complete one wholly balanced entity. They call it the"Gliza".


Cue 15 years later and between them; 4 degrees (3 of them Lizas), crippling mortgages, 2 super cute cats and many accomplishment (also mostly Liza), the now almost middle-aged couple, still determined but no longer able to stave off the inevitable onset of adulthood and evade the pressures of societal norms have finally decided to do... the thing.


We can't wait to celebrate with all our friends and family!

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