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Food & Alcohol

Roast Beef


Food will be provided at the following times:

  • Friday evening - Pizza

  • Saturday afternoon - Small canapes and nibbles

  • Saturday evening - Reception dinner, dessert, and ice cream truck

Please BYO food for other times. Each group of 5 cabins has a shared kitchenette and lounge, with a fridge, sink, microwave, kettle, coffee maker).

If you would like to join in on the Sunday Breakfast BBQ, please co-ordinate with your cabin group and BYO ingredients for that day (e.g. eggs, bread, bacon, etc). There are also large cool rooms on-site if you need to store more food or larger items.

We will be creating WhatsApp groups for each lot of 5 cabins, so that people can co-ordinate food if needed.


Alcohol will be provided on Friday, Saturday afternoon and evening.


If you wish to drink outside of those days/times, please BYO.

For Friday, please BYO if you would like to make cocktails at the cocktail station.

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